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Looking for an authentic review about your business?


If you've ever browsed Tripadvisor to find a place for dinner, or skimmed to the bottom of an Amazon page, you've seen the power of customer reviews. In fact, according to Marketing Land, a whopping 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. People trust consumer reviews three times more than professional reviews, according to Weber Shandwick

In short, customers trust other customers. How can you use this influence most effectively for your company? Look no further than the video testimonial.

Video Testimonials are perceived as more authentic than written testimonials. People can put a face and name to who the customers are, instead of reading text that could have been written by the company itself. This tangibility not only gives videos credibility, it also fosters relationship between company and customer.

Testimonial Videos show the satisfaction of past customers and help future customers decide whether or not to purchase your products and services. They have an 89% effectiveness rating - that is an insanely powerful tool for your business!


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This testimonial video sample is from Neil Peet - a Head of Business at Harwoods Edenbridge Land Rover in Kent.

It summarises his great experience working with JLG Automotive Intelligence. This video is a part of a project we've had pleasure to work with Jason and his team, full description and video samples can be seen under "View Project" button:

We've filmed two lucky winners who participated in "Dreambike Competition" and won over £6'000 worth mountain bikes.

Dion and Fred have shared their experience of participating in a competition, how it changed their lifestyle, the process of obtaining the bike from Grant - the owner of Southcoast Suspensions and creator of DBC. Full project description can be seen from below:


We couldn't resist but to share Testimonial that has been provided from our client - Claire from Drew Do Hair salon.

We have had couple of projects together and it means a lot to us having repeated client, especially such a happy client with all the video services we've provided her business with. Full project description and video samples can be seen from below:

Have a project you'd like to discuss?