Utilising your NEW video

A step-by-step Guide to maximise the return of your investment

utilising your new video

Social Media Marketing

We have gathered our experience and distilled to help you make the most of your investment into video production. Video is one of the most effective tool to:

  • expand your social media reach and impact;

  • reach your existing and potential customers;

  • show how great you are and what you have to offer;

  • increase the revenue from growing numbers of customers

      created by the media campaign(s).

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1. Download the mp4 file from cloud storage to your computer (link supplied via email).

2. Upload your video file DIRECTLY to Facebook using internet browser rather than your phone or iPad. Never ever upload a Youtube or Vimeo link to Facebook page as it will be automatically ranked down by Facebook algorithms and only very few people will get to see your post. On the other hand - uploading video DIRECTLY to Facebook will enable it to start playing automatically, Facebook algorithms will favour your video and push it to more viewers' feeds.

3. When writing the description about your video, it is always good to start with punchy headline like ‘COMPETITION TIME’ or ‘WIN’ etc. It is highly recommended to use colourful emojis to attract viewers’ attention. All this will let the viewers spot exciting and catchy phrase which will help in attracting those eyeballs to increase your audience

4. Incentive for your potential customers to share your video is very important! This will increase your visibility on Facebook and you will have a better chance to reach exponentially more people!


You'll find few examples below.

5. It is always good to reply and ‘like’ the comments under your post. Interaction with your potential customers always helps to form the relationship from an early stage. 

6. When you receive reasonable amount of comments, shares and likes for your post, it is a great time to give it a little boost by paying Facebook (optimal amount would be about £20-30 as found by our previous clients). Because your post has been very popular on Facebook, it will be rated high and will be shown to a wider audience.

More information could be obtained in Facebook's page:


7. You can find Facebook local groups (ie. town community groups, business communities), which can also significantly increase post visibility. Bare in mind that you could be asked to pay a fee for a post to appear in some groups feed.


More information could be obtained in Facebook's page:


8. There is a chance that whoever liked your post during the campaign, did not end up following your business Facebook page. However now you have an opportunity to invite them by pressing on the list of people that liked, as per below sample:

Liming restaurant

the results are from 2 weeks and with no additional payments (boosting) to Facebook.

Sea lane café

the results are from 3 months with £20.00 spent on boosting the post on Facebook.

La Campania by the sea

the results are from first 24 hours with no money spent on boosting the post on Facebook.

Few samples from our clients:

Video on your WEBSITE

The FIRST THING people should see on your website is your Business Video. Home page of your website that is.

You are more likely to grab someone’s attention by having a video on your homepage rather than a static image. Another great place to embed your video is on the about page where people go to find out more about you and your company.

Video, unlike the text or even photos, has the ability to tell your story in full and if done well - leaves a scientifically proven impact on a viewer who's likely to remember and recommend your business over others.

Website WWW Round.png

Video link with every EMAIL you send

You and your team are sending emails to prospects, clients & acquaintances. At the end of every email you usually leave your name and position in the “signature section” at the bottom of each correspondence. While this is useful, there is a massive opportunity to make all of your emails far more personable and opportunity rich

This is where embedding your new video becomes a very useful way of telling any recipient of your email who you are and why your business is best, unique, trustworthy, you name it. This is a next level way of connecting with a person(s) on the other end of email chain.

Embed a link (from Vimeo/Youtube) to your Business Video in your email signature at the end of your email.

This will result (at minimum) in:

  • Conversations = getting Warmer;

  • Sales = becoming Easier;

  • Relationships = building Stronger.

email marketing video embedding

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