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JLG Automotive Intelligence


To showcase company and it's leader Jason as a professional, honest, approachable, trustworthy business person with strong knowledge background and skill based intention to help car trade business industry to improve their customer service and profitability.

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Harwoods Group (Jaguar and Land Rover), Edenbridge, Kent.

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This time we've had pleasure to collaborate with an independent automotive business development company JLG Automotive Intelligence.


Based in the United Kingdom JLG-AI was founded to offer services to OEM’s, retailer groups and Individual retailers worldwide.

Their focus is to take client's Automotive Business to the highest levels of performance in customer satisfaction, customer retention, profitability and overall business performance whilst ensuring company's employees are successful within.

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Founder and a company director Jason Grenham, together with all his team, have a mission to create, innovate and implement new processes and technologies to help their clients set new standards and achieve industry leading performance.

Jason started his life in fulfilling his childhood aspirations of becoming a car mechanic in the dealership. After operating in several key positions within after-sales department he took the decision to leave the only company he had worked for to gain experience working for a premium automotive manufacturer in the Middle East.

Fast forward to August 2017, he returned to the United Kingdom and felt inspired to continue his journey with one aim - to change a long lasting impression within the automotive industry. In his belief - the new vehicle development is at the forefront of modern technology and innovation, so the service they provide to the consumer during buying process should be revolutionary, industry leading and always challenging the current status quo

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JLG AI relieves pressure on strained automotive executives AND helps them to identify opportunities in revenue within their businesses. They develop a deep understanding of customers' needs to the services provided are exactly what they require. This builds the stepping stones for clear identification and implementation of new processes and procedures.

More information about company is available at JLG AI website: www.jlgintel.com

Our creative goal was to show company and his leader Jason not only as a trustworthy, professional and knowledgable, but also as an approachable and genuinely nice human with great expertise.

Whilst interviewing JLG AI leader we also got to know so much about automotive industry and what processes happen behind the garage shutters.

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